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Set Meal A (大卷 小B骨 古老鸡 羊饭 蘑菇牛 小虾片)

Pancake Rolls BBQ Spare Ribs Sweet & Sour Chicken Hong Kong Style Yuang Chow Fried Rice Prawn Crackers


Set Meal B (古老鸡 腰果鸡 士召牛 炒杂菜 小B骨 小蛋饭 小正面 小虾片)

Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls Chicken With Cashew Nuts Beef With Green Pepper In Black Bean Sauce Fried Mixed Vegetables BBQ Spare Ribs Egg Fried Rice Plain Chow Mein


Set Meal C (小拼 1/4鸭 宫保鸡 黑椒牛 羊饭 鸡面 小虾片)

Mixed Platter Crispy Aromatic Quarter Duck Chicken with Kung Po Sauce Beef with in Black Pepper Sauce Yung Chow Fried Rice Chicken Chow Mein Prawn Cracker


Set Meal D (1/4鸭 小B骨 腰果鸡 士召牛 古老虾 羊饭 鸡面 小虾片)

Crispy Aromatic Quarter Duck BBQ Spare Ribs Chicken with Cashew Nuts Beef with Green Pepper In Black Bean Sauce Sweet & Sour King Prawn Hong Kong Style Young Chow Fried Rice Chicken Chow Mein Prawn Crackers


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Kung Fu Wok
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Tel: 023 9252 5300
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